Quality Control

Quality Control of Raw Materials
1. Establish internal control standards for raw materials and auxiliary materials: establish third-level standards for internal control standards.
2. Raw and auxiliary materials procurement plan: supply guarantee, inventory control, according to the principle of “first in, first out”, ensure the quality of raw materials do not change due to long storage time.
3. Quality control in purchasing behavior: physical and chemical indicators of various raw materials, correctly straighten out the relationship between quality and price.
4. Acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials: raw material appearance inspection, physical and chemical analysis, resolutely put an end to non-standard raw and auxiliary materials for storage.
5. Inventory quality control of raw and auxiliary materials: in accordance with the principle of “first in, first out”, prioritize to use first-come materials.

Quality Control During Production
1. Strengthen the post training of production personnel: production personnel strictly implement procedures in the production process.
2. Establish a strict production process: the process requirements of each product for the production process.
3. Responsibilities of the Quality Inspection Department in the production process: Quality supervisors supervise and inspect the quality of semi-finished products, finished products, the accuracy of weighing, the accuracy of feeding, and the use of labels.
4. Impact of mechanical equipment on product quality: the impact of the type of mechanical equipment and of working conditions on product quality, product appearance, uniformity, sealing, and metering.

Quality Control of Finished Products
1. Inventory management of finished products: storage work, check the production date of inventory products, and eliminate the sale of expired products.
2. Inspection of finished products: The quality inspection department strictly takes samples, tests and timely issues the qualified documents for each batch of products, and the custodians can only sell them after they have received the qualified notice. If production process out of control caused products unqualified or returned due to various reasons, it shall be treated by downgrading, re-production or scrapping. Quality control during the sales process: transportation and storage conditions of the product.