Quality Assurance

1. Monitor the process state, identify the influence of the change of process parameters on the product and demonstrate the rationality of the set.
2. Organize quality control plans based on the company's overall quality, and monitor product quality monitoring throughout the process.
3. Regularly evaluate process or control plans.
4. Formulate product quality inspection standards.
5. Handle customer feedback and improve quality control based on feedback.
6. Summarize product quality issues and promote relevant departments to solve problems in a timely manner.
7. Analyze process capability and improve quality.
8. Process flow, control plan, acceptance of engineering change notice.
9. In order to correct quality problems, authorized to stop production on site.
10. Treatment decision on the unqualified products.
11. Assist in tracking product usage and providing suggestions of improvement.
12. Assist superior on analyzing, addressing and solving quality problems customer suggested, meet the quality needs of domestic and overseas customers, and continuously improve product quality satisfaction.
13. Develop a new product quality management plan and monitor implementation to achieve new product quality levels.
14. Cooperate with technical department to conduct trial production and quality control of new products.
15. Analyze the cause of failure of the final product and process product, and propose an improvement plan.
16. Responsible for the summary and review of batch records.